About Puella Æterna

Once upon an eternal return, in an enthralling castle deep within, an enchanted enchantress, a sleepless dreamer, in her secret garden, a girl eternal was languishingly longing for a new beginning, a new life, an escape, a release, an awakening. 

A gatekeeper, an evil wizard engulfed & surrounded her in a never ending starlit night, leaving her all alone, with the stars and the flowers as her only companions, to roam the castle and the surrounding grounds in endless attempts to console her solitude and find a way out. Out of this eternal prison - her prison of eternity. But little did she know, and took what seemed an eternal little while to find out, that the only way out - was within.

And it so happened that, one time in the castle library, on one of her soulful searches for liberation, she stumbled upon a book of Alchemy, no more no less. And her transformational esoteric journey of liberation and expansion thus began to unfold. 

And here is where You are invited to join her, to follow her, to encourage her, to see her through, see her transmute & transform, meet her inner shaman with the help of whom she would finally conquer her wizard, see her gain powers, turn lead into gold, once victim, now victor. A beautiful, powerful reality creator - Puella turned Æterna. 

She is looking at you. 

She is You.

You & Me Both.